TIOS Public Beta has been released

  • I got a serious problem with sync last days, it used to run smooth in past in my Sequoia 10
    But i change to FL9 to make a sound library and there the problems start.
    i try to reinstall the drivers but same thing happens all the time, when the DAW read the first note the red message of sync problem appears.
    i try also to free the USB hub only TI is patched on it.
    Also after reinstall it everytime i enable the virus it opens the New harware izard dialog and ask for reinstall the drivers...

    waiting for the official release so i can also change to Win7 ultimate 64

    Ti Polar
    Running XP 64
    Gigabyte UDR3
    Intel i7 Bloomfield
    Gigabyte 9600 Gforce (1gb)
    Fireface 800


    EDIT: I just format my pc and add Win 7 Ultmate x64
    It runs great except the known problem with the slow GUI lets see....

  • Had an odd problem last night. The message illegal spdif detected, or something along those lines was being displayed, even though the spdif is not connected. It was stuck on the screen, even after a reboot. The only way I was able to get rid of it was by reinstalling the OS.

  • With 3.3.0 public beta, I noticed that my 'output preferences' don't get saved with my Cubase projects, which they used to do when using the previous OS versions. By 'output preferences' I mean that as an example, I usually route my basslines through USB2 L+R output and the rest of the sounds through USB1 L+R, but when I save a project with those settings, close it down and then reload it in Cubase, those settings revert to all sounds going through USB1 L+R output so I manually have to reset it to USB2 L+R for the sounds I want routed there. I was wondering if this is a known issue, and if so, has this been adressed in 3.3.4?

    I have not been able to test conclusively if this is a Virus Control issue (as opposed to a Cubase issue), but since this worked fine with previous versions of TIOS I'm thinking that it's most likely an issue with the Virus TI software.