Any Ideas on how...

  • Well it's basically a hypersaw sound, that slowly rises one semitone and then returns. The rise and fall can be modulated by an ENV LFO in sine or triangle shape (it sounds like triangle to me but I could be wrong). You can use the default routings of the LFO, but it is easier to get the result if you modulate the pitch by using the LFO as a unipolar source in the modulation matrix.
    Regarding the exact flavor of the hypersaw, I suggest to try the following:

    • Mix it with another (hyper)saw an octave lower, or a sub oscillator (don't forget to apply the same modulation).
    • Use phasing effects such as slightly modulating pitch continuously, modulating detune, FM, chorus, phaser, comb filter, etc.

    Hope this helps.

  • OK here goes:
    OSC tab:
    You will need only oscillator 1, set to hypersaw, 9 waves, detuned 84. Nothing else.
    Filter tab:
    I set amplitude envelope to A=75 D=127 S=100% Sl=-5 R=43 but you can play with the exact amounts.
    Next, we need to turn the filter section into a "vowel filter" so that the sound would say "ahewah", as it does:
    Set filter routing to PAR, unlink cutoff, but you can link the rest.
    Set resonance to 31 for both, Filter 1 is BP with cutoff at 58, Filter 2 is HP with cutoff at 96. No key/envelope influence is needed.
    LFO tab:
    You will need only LFO1 in triangle shape to create both vowel and pitch shift:
    Set Rate to 73, trig phase to 127, OSC1 routing amount to 29.7%, and set the user selectable rouing to filter 1 cutoff, with amount -26.6%.
    No matrix or ARP used, so straight to the FX1 tab:
    The only ingredient missing is some distortion to make the sound more metallic, I used wide distortion, with mix=71.9%, drive=60.9%, treble boost=67.2% and no hi cut.
    That's it. Now all you have to do is play a short (remember, there is a long release) Bb above middle C, and Voilà!