• ...not to mention all of the Flash Gordon zapping and unintended portamenti, some of which are so pervasive that there's no way I can keep them out of my music. A fellow Virus owner heard one of them during a broadcast of my music the other day and recognized it instantly because it happens to him frequently, as well. I have resigned myself to doing a fresh reboot of my computer, fresh restart of Ableton Live, and a cold reset of the TI2 (unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug in with the ARP EDIT key held down) before trying to record anything, but I still have to put up with THAT BUGGY VST (sorry to keep shouting, but it really makes me mad) inserting unintended and UNWANTED artifacts into my music. If it's dance music, then who cares, right? But ambient music, the making thereof to which I aspire is not compatible with these cheesy "sound effects." Thankfully Ableton Live is phenomenal when it comes to recovering work after the many, MANY CRASHES, often right down to the latest, most minute and unsaved edits. If it weren't for that I would be beyond furious. ACCESS: PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS FOR 5.0. Work with Ableton or whomever else you need to, but there is clearly no dearth of pervasive problems with your VST.

    Edit: I'm sorry to rant. I know this isn't exactly productive, but I don't see any way to remove the post. I realize it would be much more productive to address my concerns to Access directly, which I will do. Obviously, I have a high frustration level over this, but as I said, Ableton Live has almost miraculous recovery capability so it's somewhat manageable.

  • ismism -

    this is a warning. please re-read the forum guidelines and you know why you got it.
    as for your problem, you'll get nowhere by just stating that the virus crashes. you need to provide information instead. crash logs etc. get in touch with support by email, they'll assist you to troubleshoot your system. i doubt we have a general crash problem in OS 4.x.
    hth, marc

  • btw, the AU is just as buggy. (Aren't you glad I'm all done SHOUTING?!) oops, sorry.

    Dont you think Access already know that VC has its problems and are trying to fix it?
    I also have issues but have faith in fufure updates..

  • Quote

    "we don't have open issues related to crashes in our bug database. if you have crashes, please send us crash logs. this way we can replicate your findings and see if something is wrong."

    1). I've been reading these forums for a long while and my experiences are that this question is asked of users on almost every thread where a user is having a problem. Yet I don't recall ever seeing a solution being presented to the user after submitting a crash report. It could have been done privately, but it would be benificial to all if bug fixes were answered to on the forums so those with issues could try to resolve them. Or at least tell everyone that the problem will be addressed in the next O.S. update.

    2). I do, however, see many responses to users that Access has seen no such problems in their set-up. I see that one a lot. I think it's great that Access has the perfect set-up for them. But it doesn't help those who are using totally different set-ups. I don't kow how Access does their testing but they should use every possible configuration they can come up with to do thier O.S. testing. Maybe they do. But I am highly suspicious that they test beyond what CPU's they have around the office.

    I did some small scale software programming and learned that I had to test for every possible response from users who would interact with the software I was writing. I called it "Idiot proofing" but that term is not one that Access would want to adopt. :D

    3). I too have some of the issues others have. I have an iMac with O.S. 10 and a Mac Pro with O.S. Lion. I am running Ableton and Pro Tools. My TI desktop is on my iMac and will often give me wild pitch spikes and strange noise artifacts, and will go in and out of sync with the tempo. I recently bought the Mac Pro and was so afraid to move the TI desktop to the new Mac Pro that I bought a TI Snow to use with it! My fear was that if I moved the TI Desktop to the new Mac Pro and updated the O.S. in the Virus to work with Lion, then I would be in trouble if there were any problems and I had to move the Desktop back to the iMac. I had too many projects on my iMac that needed to be finished first that were using the TI. That's how little faith I have in Access ability to provide a stable Integration interface. (Ouch, that hurts to say that! Sorry)

    Having two TI's is a good thing regardless since - as a pure synth - it's the best on the planet.

    But the integration software has always been flakey since I began using it. and I don't have faith that any issue I have will be fixed because "It works at the Access facility" That's why I never report anything.

    4.) Having said all that........ :) .....I have learned how to use the TI in a very productive way that I will pass along to those with issues.

    When you find a sound that works in your song Convert It To Audio Immediately!!!!!! . Get the TI out of the loop. If I have a track that I anticipate a lot of automation, I will take the time to program that track from beginning to end and then record it first.

    The Integration part of the TI is great for editing, building a library of sounds and experimenting with sound combinations. But it acts too wierd when in full use to be used consistantly in TI mode. So I convert everything to audio so I can take it out of the loop.

    One patch I had would go pitch crazy everytime I would play the patch in real time. If I slowed down the tempo the patch would stabilize somewhat; but here's the kicker: If I went ahead and played in the MIDI part, soloed the TI and recorded the sound to an audio channel in Ableton the patch would be 100% stable! Go figure! It's wierd things like that that can make you scratch your head about this machine.

    I have learned to live with the TI and am actually - despite the issues - very happy with both TI's (The Snow has issues on the new Mac Pro as well) and will never sell them!! More than likely I will add another one!!

    I do find it odd though that I can go out and get any soft synth and get more stability than the TI. Last year I bought the Ultranova which has a plug-In/Librarian configuration as well and it is 100% stable. How is it other companies can pull it off yes Access cannot?

    If I were on the development team at Access I would run out and buy every VST and Audio Unit that is known to be stable and reverse engineer the interface (if possible) and try to determine why they are stable. I think I know the answer having done some programming, but I will not speculate.

    I hope I was civil enough because I LOVE my Virus'. (Or is it Viri?) :)

  • I have been through the same with my virus.
    Also got the same replies from Access.

    It has been almost half a year with my virus and now I am a very happy Virus user. Just get rid of the the VC. When I did that and set my DAW and Virus through MIDI the heaven's opened up. Not a single problem apart from some rare hanging notes that is just resolve by the push of a button (sorry too). I use the VC only for saving patches. Sometimes I even do that on the Virus physical interface. I even find it nicer not to get distructed by a plugin while composing (even though I have to admit that some times it is useful). Let it be. Get you Virus set up through MIDI and you will be happy believe me. You can even do that through the USB cable. You will save yourself hours of struggle and frustration.

    Virus is an amazing synth. Don't let the plugin ruin your mood and creativity.

    Good luck