LFO Wont Modulate Wave Select

  • You need to have the target oscillator set to Classic mode and Shape set somewhere between Spectral Wave and Saw for this to have any effect. It doesn't work if the oscillator is in Wavetable mode - this is by intention, and is not a bug.

  • Uhh.. I just spent an hour trying to get it to work in wavetable mode. If you have osc Wave Select as the mod destination, whatever you use as the source will just make it randomly jump to a different wavetable irrelevant of the mod source. After 10 seconds or so the osc ends up as a pure sine (in my experience) and you have to remove the moduation altogether.

    Why did Access code it to only work with classic and not wavetable? Does the hardware have enough power to do a wavetable select sweep?

    Maybe this feature along with comb filters and audio range LFO's will be in the next update, please please!