Studio One v2 -> Virus TI sidechaining ?

  • :?: Hello,

    I would like to know if there is a way to use sidechain with my Virus TI in Studio one ?
    I use another sound card
    VC is up with the following IO configuration (3 outpouts / 1 input).
    I had a drum loop in an audiotrack.
    I want this drum loop to be processed by the TI Atomizer function. How can I do that ?

    Thank you.

  • I'm not a Studio One expert, but if you see in the Virus VC VSTi window, above the VC graphics, a sidechain button, then it should be pretty easy. Light up that button, and add a "send" to the drum loop track, and point that send to the Virus sidechain input.

    Regarding the atomizer, you can load one of the existing atomizer patches, or enable the atomizer effect yoursef and see where it takes you.

  • Thanks flabberbob but there's no sidechain button :(

    I guess I will have to feed my TI from an external source.

    I could route my drum loop audio track to the sound card Output 3/4
    Then I could use these 3/4 outputs to feed my TI inputs.
    All the others tracks (vst, Ti, etc...) would be routed to the sound card outputs 1/2.

    Now I wonder if the configuration outputs 3/4 -> processed by TI -> Outputs 1/2 won't create an audio loop and an infinite feedback....

    I hope I'm clear... :S

    Has Anybody tried this configuration ? It's like a snake biting its own tail (as we could say here in France ;) )

    By the way my Quad Capture soundcard has only 2 outputs so I cannot test it myself!

  • I don't see a loop here, if you connect the 1/2 outs to monitors and don't feed them back to a track or the virus.
    If you just want to hear the output of the atomizer without other tracks playing at the same time, you can use your current setup, and listen to the output of the virus through its 1/2 outs or the headphone out.
    If this is just for testing and you don't mind working in mono, you can send your mono mixdown just to out 1, send the drum loop just to out 2 as mono, and set the Virus to use just 1L or 1R (whichever you connect from your soundcard's out 2) as input for the atomizer.