• Hello-all!-Sorry-bout-all-the-dashes-but-my-spacebar-died!-I'm-currently-working-on-the-song-"On-the-Run"-by-Pink-Floyd.-Is-there-a-way-to-incorporate-the-hi-hat-sound-along-with-the-arpegiated-synth?-Not-exactly-sure-how-they-performed-it-live-unless-they-just-rolled-tape-live-in-concert-but-I'd-like-to-perform-it-as-best-as-possible-in-a-live-setting!-Thanks-for-any-input-on-this.-I'm-using-the-Indigo2.

  • According to the manual there's a noise generator within the FM section but when I turned it on it seems to be affected by the arp, giving it a machine gun hi-hat effect. Also when I adjust the filters it also effects the hi-hat noise. Has anyone ever programmed this before who could give a more thorough example perhaps? Would this be more probable to achieve in multi-mode? This is by far the hardest task I've ever emcountered! Thanks for any input! -Stu

  • Hey Stu -- It's not possible to route the noise directly to the outputs if the oscillators are going to the filters. You would have to use multimode to do this -- this is, after all, the reason *for* multimode: to get different sounds out of your virus simultaneously. (Not only is this used for playing different parts simultaneously, but also for layering several sounds together.... If you haven't tried this, you're missing out on how much richer the Virus can sound when layered).

    The Noise generator can be found in the oscillator section. If you're using the hardware you'll have to dive into the menu, where you'll find that you can adjust the 'color' of the noise (balance of low frequency rumble to high frequency hiss in the noise). The noise volume knob is, on my C, right above Ring Mod in the mixer section.

    Also, if this is the hardest studio-related task you've encountered, consider yourself very lucky!

  • Right on! I have discovered that much but I'm having no luck with understanding how to use the lfos to create the hi-hat-rhythm thus far. I'll keep tweakin' away though. It's also a a live performance situation rather than studio. I have to be able to pull it off live!

  • I usually try to cram as much action as possible into one patch, so I'd try to do it without using multi - I would use the "split" routing of the filters in hope that the oscillator and filter that go the other way from the noise output are enough. Then I would use LFO1 in ENV mode, sawtooth shape and narrow contour to control the noise amount to create short bursts. Then I would add LFO2 in continuous MONO clocked to 1/4, and pulse shape with contour set to 75% PWM, to negatively control the same noise amount - the phase has to be adjusted so that the first of every 4 16th notes (if I'm guessing your meter correctly) is louder and the rest are softer. You can add LFO3 into the mix in a similar way, using the assign routings, so that that one group of 4 hits is louder and the next is softer alternatively.
    Remember that if you decide to do this as a separate patch, designed to be used as a part of a multi setup, you either need to enable the same arpeggiator for it or make LFO1 continuous (not ENV) and clocked to 1/16.
    Good luck!

  • Thank you so much FlabberBob! I will give that a try, this will most definitely help me to understand more about the Virus's abilities & depth! I'll keep ya posted as to how it turns out everyone as my band mates just wanna record the arp hi-hat to a track but I think that's just cheatin'.

  • I wasn't able to acheive the goal in single mode so I created another single voice for the hi-hat effect. I basically ended up with a machine gun style hi-hat because of the arpegiation but it's almost tolerable. I can still adjust the filters on the fly without affecting the hi-hat as well, which is pretty cool. Thanks again! -Stu