Sound on ROM T-104

  • If you play some notes in sequence using the 'Sub-bass zs' patch stored on ROM-104 then you will listen something like a click on the end of every note.
    It is triggered almost everytime you lift your finger of the note. I am trying to get rid of it.
    I have tried almost everything but nothing seems to help, no matter what I tweak. Anyone has an idea how I can edit the sound in order to remove this?

    Any comment is welcome


  • I could only reproduce it when playing legato, thus demonstrating the patch's mono behavior. It seems to be caused by retriggering the amplitude envelope, so either you play the notes with some space between them, use mono modes 3 or 4 which don't retrigger the amplitude envelope, or make the attack of the amplitude envelope slower, I found that A=40 seems to solve this issue.
    The punch amount which is the usual suspect in similar cases didn't make much difference.

  • mmm...
    A=40 did not seem to solve the problem for me. Maybe it is the way I am playing.
    I am not using the VC at all. Is it possible to access those modes from the hardware interface of the virus?

  • I wans't able to reproduce the exact same behavior you describe, even with your nice little bluesy bass line... I definitely don't experience a "click" when I release a note. Only when I add another note, on top of the existing one and the mono logic moves to the newer note, I get a click, and changing the mono mode or slowing down the attack, sloves it for me 100%. I am using TIOS 4.5.3, so maybe you should upgrade, or maybe it didn't burn well last time you upgraded.
    There is also the known amplitude envelope bug in which if you set a slow attack and slow release, and play successive very short notes that don't allow the envelope to go through the decay and sustain phases, sooner or later you get a big pop, and then all notes become quiet, unless you give the Virus some time to rest. It doesn't sound like what you describe, but anyway if I read correctly between the lines in this forum, this specific bug is supposed to be fixed in TIOS 5.x.