My first track with Virus Snow. "Reckless" (Commercial Dubstep)

  • This is my take on a Chase and Status/Nero style commercial dubstep track. It ticks all the cliche boxes: Female Vocal Hook (i dug out an old sample pack i bought last year), Deadmau5 chords, Pitch dropping saw bass, bog standard wobble from Massive etc etc.

    I made it to try out my new Virus Snow and had a lot of fun making it and i think it sounds pretty good for a couple of days work.

    Let me know what you think. ;)

  • Overall, very nicely done. The vocal is sounding off to me though to the rest of the music. Perhaps try and pitch it up a bit? It fits idea wise, just not tune wise. Hopefully you can get that sitting a bit better. Keep up the good work!

  • Cheers for the feedback. :) To be honest i wrote it as a backing track to give to a vocalist (i'm in talks with a couple at the moment for possible collaboration work) and just put the vocals in as guide to how it could sound. But i actually liked how the sample sounded so decided to put it out there for some feedback.

  • Ok, fair enough. Again, the vocal doesn't sound terrible and I think it fits vibe wise with the song. The pitching adjustment was simply a possible try out when you have some time, to see if you could be pleasantly surprised by a change. Constructive criticism was all =D.