Was there ever an outcome for the Virus / VC crackle?

  • Hey All, Ive read through all the threads regarding the crackling sound on the Virus TI and I must say I didnt learn anything ;) Did I miss the solution here? I experience the crackle when using above 6 channels and with automation. I know others have experienced it with much less. Any help?

  • There isn't a simple miracle cure because every setup has its own reason for reducing the available USB1.1 bandwidth (over USB2 or USB3):

    • A too long or faulty USB cable that inserts errors into packets.
    • Other USB1.1 devices that share the bandwidth given by a single-TT chipset on the motherboard or in an external hub.
    • Other bandwidth hungry devices that share the overall USB bandwidth.
    • Outdated/buggy drivers.

    Once you identify the source of the problem, you can deal with it.

  • Well... I had a TI 1 Desktop and had no problems with crackle noises. I sold it and bought a TI 1 Polar. I am using the same cables, same usb port, same OS and have crackles now and then. I suppose that it depends on the Virus TI hardware as well whether or not you have crackles.