Got a nice deal on a Access B Virus .. Help!

  • Hi everyone,

    Recently a nice deal came by from a guy who owns a Virus B Desktop, but i am having a few questions i haven't been able to find the answer for:

    How is the Virus B integration with Cubase 6? Is there a VST to use with the Virus B?
    Am i able to add filters/effects/etc. on the mixing channel directly, or do i have to record the Virus output to a .wav file first?

    I know The virus TI comes with a VST which saves alot of trouble, but what about the Virus B?


  • Hi there

    The Virus B doesn't have a VST which you can use to integrate it with. It's one of the earlyish hardware VAs so you'll only be able to control it via MIDI cables. There is a very old application called SoundDiver which you can use to control it but you'd still have to use MIDI cables and it is very old, you'll need something as old as Windows XP to run it.

    To get sound from the Virus B into your DAW you will need to take audio cabled from the Virus B's out into your DAWs recording interface.

    I've still got my Virus B and I really enjoyed using it but I've got to admit I've not used it since I bought my TI ...

  • Also keep in mind you won't be able to use some of the nice, latest Patches/Presets for the Virus that require the TI.

    I use a lot of commercial presets, so that would be a big limitation for me.

    Yep, the Virus B wont have the Hyper Saw oscillator, nor the various forms of the waveform oscillators. The TI has more options in regards to effects, including EQ(which only became available in the Virus C), analogue emulated filtering (virus C onwards also) and various others. Like I said previously, the Virus B is a pretty decent synth in it's own right, especially for the price you can get them for, but the TI has loads more features and you will be limited on what up to date Virus patches will translate well onto your Virus B. You can still load new patches into a Virus B but they may well sound different..

  • I would not give up on a Virus B at a good price.. and there is a huge gap between prices of a B and Ti (with huge advances in the C vversion).
    Note that there is no real need to use a VST with a synth in a DAW, you just need to setup a multi in the synth on a per song basis.. I have done this with the Nova, MS2000 and even the Fantom G (which has a VST).. If you wish for a computer interface with on screen patch edit controls, you can get an editor for the VIrus B (and pretty much any synth) ,
    Full disclosure.. i went for a Ti2, but was really really tempted by an Indigo 2