Realy Need Help Finding Right Settings for this sound

  • so hey =) first read topic :P thats the deal =) ^^ i think its A nice Square but i just cant make it sound like in the video

    the melody part ...

    would be really cool if someone could help me with somesort of tutorial or just adwise on how to set my virus =)

    Part 2 :

    and here too ... =( i just cant make cool sounding square lead sounds ... its not like a square =( ... help pls ... :evil:

  • That melody sound can be easily achieved with the supersaw oscilator, be gentle with the detune and the vocies parameter (don´t remember exactly how it´s called, it´s the one controlling the number of saws used), n add some verb! equally the one on the second link, supersaw! really useful for psytrance in many ways!!

    Destroy fella!!

  • think so?? U may be right, try similar settings than the hyper saw but with squares, that´d be your 3 oscillators in square, slightly detuned, say 2 to 4 semitones up and down and hi-passed with some verb, to get it similar than the second link, I still think it could be got with a hyper saw, but try out different things.

    good luck!