Filter Self Oscillation (Or lack there of)

  • A couple of things to remember:

    Filter Cutoff needs to be at least a bit lower than maximum to hear the self-oscillation, as it is faded out at the very highest values.

    Osc Volume should not be turned too high, as the amount of self-oscillation is inversely proportional to the amount of saturation.

    Oh - and resonance needs to be cranked right up!

  • Thanks for the replys Guys.

    So is this not true self oscillation?

    On the Slim Phatty for example, it doesn't matter what volume I have the oscillators, or how much saturation is applied to the filter, the filter still self oscillates when I turn the resonance up full. (Even at the highest cuttof point, you can see it on an FFT.)


    - Pete