Fresh Fallen Snow

  • Hi Everyone -new Snow user. After researching a lot of synths, I decided this would be a good addition to my setup, which is an Elektron Octatrack and Machinedrum UW.

    The Snow is my first dedicated synth, and until I know more about it, I'm intending to use it primarily in Sequencer Mode to create melodic samples for the Octatrack. I'm a hardware guy and have virtually no experience with DAWs (I currently use GarageBand as a glorified tape recorder and not much else), so it may be awhile before I can appreciate the TI aspect of the Snow.

    But that's OK for now. All I want to be able to do for the moment is create some high-quality 4-bar loops I can use for minimal, house and techno. I expect I'll start by exploring the factory sounds and additional downloadable patches here on the Access site. As I won't be using a DAW I'd like to focus on how to control the Snow using my Octatrack, which I've already found can send the Snow 4 MIDI channels of CC and note triggers.

    I'll be browsing this forum of course, but if anyone can send me to resources, tutorials, etc. that would help me with these specific goals, I'd really appreciate it.

    My one question at the moment is: Is there an actual manual beyond the Quickstart and Reference documents I see on the main Support page? I haven't looked elsewhere but I'm wondering if there's anything else I can actually read before I start pounding you guys with noob questions :D



  • Hi,

    The best resources i know are the Ben Crosland Bootcamps on the main site or Vimeo.
    Or the Virus Tutorials on the site explaining the filiters etc.

    The videos are awesome and Ben is a freaking GOD when it comes to the virus!
    Big it up BEN!

    Keep the videos coming please!

    Anyways, give them a whirl. You'll learn loads, I know I have!

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks you guys -- it's coming along slowly but I'm learning :)

    I'm quickly realizing that to edit sounds effectively I'll need a computer interface at least some of the time. I still want to be as computer-free as possible, and I have no interest in sequencing my Snow with a DAW, but it appears I may be missing out on a lot of potential if I don't at least get familiar with TI.

    I'll start another thread if I don't find a simple answer in the archives, but in case one of you knows the answer off top of your head:

    What's the simplest way to get into deep editing on the Snow, but minimizing the need to learn new software / get a DAW?

    (I admit I've had a few issues from the outset ... while trying to create a new instrument on GarageBand to accommodate my Snow, I somehow managed to change the settings on my soundcard so it couldn't hear outside inputs. I lost all my music time this weekend. I will be patient, I'd just very much prefer to use the computer to explore patch creation/editing and then use the Virus as a standalone hardware.)