Small Bug in 5.0

  • Pretty sure this is a small bug......In the list of Mod Matrix destinations, it shows Frequency Shifter Freq as one of the choices.......shouldn't this be renamed Filterbank Freq now.......also the Frequency Shifter Freq destination no longer seems to least I haven't been able to get it to work..


  • It does work but since it's per part and not per voice (as is everything on FX1&2) you need to modulate it with a mono source (one of the envelopes in mono mode - envelopes do not work).

  • Hey thanks for the reply....

    By mono envelope do you mean using one of the LFO's in envelope mode + set to mono?


    Aslong as the LFO's are set to mono (synth can stay in poly mode or you can switch to mono makes no difference) you can use them to modulate param's on FX1&2. ENV mode (afaik) will switch LFO's to one-shot mode where they will only produce (cycle?) their waveforms once per note.

    Still, I would be happy if someone could clarify which features of the synth go under "Frequency Shifter" and which go under "FilterBank".

    Not 100% sure what you mean since freqshift is now part of the filterbank. If you are asking about what destinations in the mod matrix correspond to which freqshift params then it's freq>freq; Poles>L; Slope>R; 'Reso' doesn't appear to do anything. Otherwise the 3 filterbank destinations and the freqshift destination are all related to the filterbank.