Snow actually playing 4 separate parts ?

  • In order to play the 4 parts you go to Multi mode. Check the "battery meter" of the programs you use for each Part. If the programs have the "battery" totally filled, you're consuming many voices...

  • The amount of PARTs triggered at the same time says nothing about the amount of voices the TI Snow needs to produce.

    Especially using the UNISON mode will eat up voices very quickly. Example: if a sound is set to UNISON 4 and you play a 3 notes chord, you already trigger 12 voices with a single chord. If this sound then has a longer amplifier release phase and you hit 2-3 chords short after another, the unit already needs to calculate 24 respectively 36 voices, since every voice needs to be calculated to the very end of the amplifier release phase.

    Additionally to that the following features can reduce the amount of available voices significantly:

    - the reverb
    - the third oscillator
    - the analog modeling filter
    - the new oscillator types (wavetable, grain, formant, hypersaw)

    With best regards,

    Jörg Hüttner
    Access Music Tech Support

  • It's definitely possible to play 4 parts at once -- an experienced user showed me how to do it the very first day I hooked up my Snow. As others have said above, it depends on your DSP usage as to how complex each voice can be, but I've had luck doing this:

    -choose sequencer mode
    -assign 4 different patches to parts 1-4 (you might start with presets ... so far I've never overloaded my DSP with combos of these)
    -on your sequencer, ensure you have 4 channels broadcasting MIDI to the same respective channels your 4 parts are receiving
    -at first, program a basic monosynth line on each channel ... increase polyphony on each channel gradually

    Hope this helps!