Trigger phase off with LFO in poly mode doesn't work

  • When trying to figure out the difference between mono and poly mode for the LFOs, I found a little bug.

    For this, I used a simple sine oscillator patch in poly mode. I configured a very slow free running (trigger phase and env mode off) LFO1 to modulate Osc1 Pitch. In LFO mono mode it works as expected: Hitting and holding a key starts a new sine wave picking up the current pitch modulation of LFO1 and sweeping through the frequencies. Simultaneously playing a rhythm with a second key shows, that the starting pitch of the second voice follows the current value of LFO1. In LFO poly mode, this behavior isn't as expected, anymore. In this case, the second voice always starts at the same pitch, which turns out to be the same as setting trigger phase to 64. Shouldn't this work the same way as in LFO mono mode?

    I used the public beta of OS5 for this, but I didn't try the same with a release version.