Could someone please help me?

  • For 1, try to use the hypersaw oscillators (although it sounds like it may also be square with modulated PWM). Also try adding the following scream-aids: FM, white noise and distortion.
    For 2, It looks like the square is an ocave above (meaning +12 semitones) the saw, and that there is a quick rise in the pitch in the attack, the one you can get using a sawtooth LFO in env mode controlling osc pitch 1+2 negatively in a high rate. Also it seems like the sound is made a bit brittle by some tremolo or vibrato (or both), like the ones you can get from LFO3 in high rate. Come to think of it you can get a similar sound by using a low pass filter on whatever oscillator you want and then putting it through distortion.
    Hope this helps somehow.