Hello all, 3rd time owner...

  • I started about 5 years ago with the Indigo 2 which I really loved - talk about a tank! Then the TI came out so I sold the Indigo for the TI Keyboard. Had that for a few years and then sold it in the past 6 months or so because I was trying to downsize and figured I needed a break from the Virus sound.

    Well, one thing leads to another and I started hearing some of the Elektron users (of which I am one) using the Virus and the Blofeld in unique ways that I wanted to explore. Since I already knew what the Virus had to offer I decided to go with the Blo - big mistake for me. The one I got had trouble from minute 1 - USB didn't work at all - MIDI barely worked - I was completely bummed and uninspired by it so the helpful chap at Nova Musik took it back and I told him to send me the Snow instead. Got it just a few days ago and have been blown away since - I know the Virus sound and architecture but am even more impressed with it all this time around. Not to mention the packaging and the entire presentation of the hardware was miles above the Blo. Not to start any arguments - I've heard wonderful things from the Blo - but I was turned off by it maybe due to bad luck - anyway - here I am...

    Since I'm messing more with the Elektron boxes with the Snow and avoiding playing it with a keyboard controller I find I'm enjoying hitting it from this other angle - not stuck playing prog synth riffs on it anymore but instead exploring new sonic territory via the audio inputs and Elektron-sequenced lines controlling it. I'm amazed at how well they all sound together and the depth that the Virus adds to this setup - couldn't be happier with the Snow - even the 4 part limitation doesn't bother me - The Elektrons have taught me that limits are good. Some might argue that those same things that are considered limits are the very thing that allow you to stretch and explore alternative methods to extend an instrument beyond themselves.

    Thanks Timo, Marc and everyone else behind this great product...

  • Tolly agree with you, I decided to buy my virus to be focused just on one syth that would give me all I needed, instead of having hundreds of vst´s and not getting deep in any of them. And well, even though the Vti isn´t any close to limited I do share your opinion on limits, I haven´t had the luck of playing with an Elektron, which I´ve heard amazing comments of, but I´ve for example played with a tb-303, which can say is quite a limited machine as well and the simple lack of parameters takes you further into the sound achieving task. The experience is really enjoyable.

    As they say, keep it simple, less is more. And as I say, the real mastery is in simplicity, go minimal!!

    and by the way, thanks virus for placing all those posibilities on my hands, you´re the all in one I need!

    welcome bro!

  • Thanks EMiL...glad to know I'm not alone in my thinking :-)

    Hey Tarekith...glad to share this coming back experience with you! I figure the Snow (over the TI2 options) will leave me room for the you-know-what coming you-know-when from Elektron! :-)