Stabby/Plucky synth (House style)

  • I just got my Virus Ti2 Desktop up and running smoothly after couple of issues that's been resolved..... and i absolutly love it! :D
    So now I'm ready to dive in to the art of synthesizing and sound designing.

    I've experimented a bit and got some cool sounds with just playing around with some filters etc.
    However I got this song that i really like and I'm wondering if you could give me a idea how to replicate the stab/plucky sound that the song is built around


    I'm a beginner at this but I have a feeling that making this kind of sound isn't *that* complicated to synthesize so I thought it would give it a shot as a start, but I could really use some advice/heads up where to start.

    Also maybe you guys can recommend me some website who goes more into depth in using a Virus Ti specifically to make your own sounds, like explaining the filter envelopes etc, and maybe how to set everything up in the correct order to get the desired result.


  • Yeah I've used that tutorial, its okay i guess but not really quite the result im after, I tried tweaking it a bit but i dont get the desired result, the sound is to "deep" , (the semitone/sub osc is kind of to low i think), so when i use chords the bass sounds kinnda meh (not in a good pitch/clearly sounding) i raised it an octave but it lacks to much power then...

    I dont like the slow AMP attack btw, i like it more clicky. As in the song i linked you can hear the diffrence from the tutorial... Its a good start and i tried to improve it but additional advice would be nice :D should i add some more filters to it?