Virus TI "Live Mode" problem in X2

  • Hi,

    I have my Virus TI2 keyboard hooked up to Sonar X2. Although it's the keyboard version I use a Roland A-800 pro keyboard to control Sonar and play both VST instruments and the Virus, outputting to a Focusrite Sapphire pro 14 firewire.

    With Live mode ON the Virus plays perfectly from my A-800, and I'm expieriencing the best low latency ever at present, super fast, very happy.

    I record something with the Virus and afterwards I switch Live mode OFF and the Virus plays back super tight. Again, very happy.

    My problems begin when trying to use other VST instruments. With Virus Live mode ON they play from the A-800 with super low latency, and after recording, with Virus mode OFF they play back super sync just like the Virus.

    Obviously here's the problem:-

    If I've recorded a track on the Virus it needs to be played back 'Live OFF', but then I cant record along to it with another VST because the VST (like Virus) needs Live mode ON in order to play low latency or in sync from the A-800.

    I don't get why the Virus is affecting every VST in the first place? If I load say Omnisphere into Sonar and set its inputs to be controlled by the A-800 (and audio outs to the Focusrite) it still remains at the mercy of the Virus Live status as to whether I get good sync/latency.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I'm stumped on this one!


  • I have Sonar X2 and have never found a need to use Live mode... did you start to use live mode to fix a given problem or simply because the setup guide said *Sonar forces you to use live mode while recording or you will hear an unpleasant delay between playing and hearing a note*?.. because whereas i can try to convince myself that there is a difference in response time between audio output with live mode on/off ..its a hard call..
    So, while i typically sequence and then freeze tracks, and have no latency issues, just this morning i directed a patch to the analog outs and recorded a sequenced part and latency alignment was fine, i then recorded using a keyboard controller as input (fantom G) and again, audio alignment as as good as i would expect (ie..enough to accept its me lol)...and live mode was never used..
    not sure if this helps..

  • Thanks for the replies guys.
    Flabberbob you are right about it being to do with delay compensation although I think it's more a case of me getting my head around it rather than an actual problem with Sonar.
    Mystic you are also right. Up until this week I was using a Novation SL controller. I only just replaced it with the Roland a couple of days ago. I didn't notice until you said, but the difference between Live on and off when playing virus is virtually none. With the Novation there was always a marked difference. The VST's are still affected by the virus Live status however but using the PDC button in X2 things seem to be workable. Not really liking having to keep toggling PDC when tracking but I'm hoping I can map it to the Roland which would be less frustrating. Loving Sonar though all the same!
    Cheers again guys.