Virus Control and Pro Tools 10. Struggling new user...

  • Hi all

    I'm embarrassed to be asking, but I'm struggling with my new Virus TI keyboard and Pro Tools. Unfortunately, I'm new to both of these and I'm struggling to isolate where my problem is.

    I've managed to 'connect' the Virus TI to Pro Tools. I can play (and hear) the demo song. I can see and access my patch library.

    The problem that I'm having is getting any user played sound from the Virus into Pro Tools. I don't really want to record anything right now (I will in future), but I just want to be able to use the Access Virus Control interface to edit/create patches. I can adjust all the settings, but when I play the Access keyboard, I can't hear anything. Obviously, not ideal for patch creation!

    I have the new beta of OS5 installed. I am connected to my PC running Pro Tools 10 via USB. I know that I could hook up the analog outs, but I thought I would be able to play the keyboard and hear the output just via the USB cable. Is this wrong?

    I realise that I've probably missed out a lot of useful information to help diagnose, so please ask away and I will get back to you.

    As I said at the start, this could easily be an issue with what I'm doing in Pro Tools rather than what I'm doing with the Virus. I'm a novice user with both...

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance


  • Dear Rich,
    If the TI and Protools tutorial song loads fine and you hear sound, then this indicates the TI loading normally and you should be also able to play the TI in Protools (you obviously have to record enable the track with the Virus TI plugin on it to direct Midi notes there). Can you play the Virus TI plugin in the TI+ProTools tutorial? If that is possible, then something with the current way you set up the Virus TI plugin in ProTools is wrong.
    However to just play a single sound there's nothing else to do than to create a stereo instrument in ProTools, load the Virus TI plugin on this track and then record enable the track to be able to play it via Midi. You then should see the audio also in the same track right away.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • (you obviously have to record enable the track with the Virus TI plugin on it to direct Midi notes there)

    And, there it is. I didn't have the track armed. Can't believe how I missed that!

    Now, for my sound sculpting session!

    Thanks again. Really appreciate the support this forum offers. I've been having a good read around and it's been very insightful.

  • Unfortunately, I'm back here again after a rather frustrating Sunday night.

    I took the opportunity to upgrade PT10 to 10.3.2 (I'd been putting it off for a while). After a couple of hours ;( I managed to get this sorted and I'm back up and running again.

    However, I'm back to sqaure one with the Virus. Again, I feel I must be missing something incredibly obvious and simple but here's the problem:

    1. I can open a blank PT session as normal
    2. I create a stereo Instrument track and use the multichannel Virus TI insert plugin.
    3. Virus control opens just fine
    4. I arm the track and play. No audio output.

    5. I opened the PT tutorial demo file and this plays OK. Repeating steps 1-4 in here is no better.

    So, steps 1-4 were what I was doing before today and it was working fine. After the PT update I'm struggling.

    Any ideas where I can start looking? I'm done for tonight and feeling depressed. Beer time.

    Thanks for any ideas you may have