Recreation of this Sound ?

  • Hey,
    I am really new to Virus and Sound design, but I try to learn. :)
    I heard a cool Lead sound in this track:

    it starts by 1:17.

    I thought it would be pretty easy just some saws but I dont really get a powerful lead out of it. I figured out that one osc have to be detuned by +4 or something, but that doesn't sound exactly like that (may be because I didn't hear the right harmonics and choose the wrong detuning amount :D ).
    Does anybody know how to do this kind of sound ?

    And what is the easiest way to manage the different "detuning steps" in a chord progression for one osc? Or do I need to play the full chord through midi and don't detune anything for this sound?
    I hope my problem is clear :D

    Thanks !!

  • Thank you ! Thats what I was trying to say, I am really new to this so then how do I manage to detune one osc over time to do sometimes a detune by 7 semitones and sometimes another amount ? do I have to Automate this or is there an easier way ? Or are they really just playing 2 midinotes ? Then I dont really get the whole semitone detuned osc stuff :D

  • OK I think I got the idea. Thanks! The chord progression by 3:11 sounds the same but with the cutoff open the sound is weak and still doesnt sound right... Are those really just saws ? I already added a sub osc.