Squelchy lead question

  • I wonder if there's any modulation on the pitch of the osc also Flabberbob? I've made a Psy Squelch on the Virus before by modulated a band pass cut off and osc pitch in the opposite directions. That lead does sound very rich though, wonder if it's possible to get that much texture with just one sound?

  • I belive the "cut off and osc pitch in opposite directions" sound is more of an SFX then an actual tonal sound you can play. The richness of the discussed sound comes from the distortion. The effect you hear as distortion is actually adding more harmonics to the sound fed to it, including harmonics that didn't exist in the original sound (but still are natural multiples of the fundamental). Those harmonics are spread all over the audible frequecy range so the second filter is there to remove excess high frequency that may be percieved as making the sound "dirty". The texture is controlled by the LFO, since the first filter with its resonance gives emphasis to different harmonics over time, which in turn control which excess harmonics will be added by the distortion.
    In any case I think you can add more articulation to the sound with pitch bending, or making it a mono lead with portamento.