controlling the filter bank frequency with an envelope? how?

  • I'm trying to modulate the frequency of the filterbank with an envelope (aux 3 or 4) but when i assign it nothing happens.

    strangely enough I can also assign the frequency of the filterbank to LFO 1 2 or 3 and that DOES work!

    but I want more precise control so i want to assign the filterbank freqeuncy to an envelope. how do i do this?

  • Filter bank frequency is not modulatable by an envelope. I believe this is due to the fact a new envelope is created per note and the filter bank is a per part effect. If you wish to have envelope like modulation on the filter bank you can try setting an LFO to env mode?

  • that's a shame because for certain sounds (for example a Drum&Bass Reese) you would need to control the comb-filter with an envelope. now I have to do it with automation. which kinda defeats the perpose of having it on the virus. might aswell do it with a plugin then.

  • Hope you forgive a newbee to put it's 2 cent in here :whistling:

    played a little on indirect modulation. There is indeed a chance of env3 to modulate filterbank frequency - weird yes - but not impossible - only the result was not really a great hit.
    Start from an -INIT- patch ... and set the filterbank to comb ... than go to the modulation matrix ...

    - source: env3;
    - dest1 -> slot4-dest1;
    - dest2 -> slot4-dest1 (yes a second time - it does not work with one only)

    slot4: source:ModWheel (modwheel cranked up);
    - dest1->filterbank frequency

    The amount of ModWheel controls the amount of filterbank frequency and this amount is controlled by slot1 destinations ...

    Now get the sliders of the destinations in various positions and you should hear that the comb filter frequency is indeed modulated according to env3 ... BUT ... there is a gritty background noise coming along with this settings and I did not get rid of it. ?( It seems to depend on the amount of the sliders in slot1. There must be going on something inside the modulation path that is not working properly. A bug :wacko: :?: