Virus KB keys not working properly

  • Hey all,

    Just picked up a used Virus KB and the keys are not triggering audio consistently. For instance, if i play 7 notes in a row it'll trigger like 2-3 keys played in a row then no audio for a few notes then I get audio again! This happens on every patch but the combination of drop outs is random. Also, when I do get audio, it seems like the release is on infinity bc the note never ends until I select a new patch. It came with 4.5 and I tried updating to 4.9 and nothing. Now I'm trying 4.8. I've used the table top version a ton and never had this issue.

    Anyone have a clue what's going on?



  • I suggest trying to connect a MIDI controller via a MIDI cable (controller MIDI out to virus MIDI in) and seeing if the dropouts still continue. If it plays well with the controller it is most probably a case of dust accumulating in they key's contacts. If dropouts continue with the controller, there must be something wrong with the electronics.

  • I had an MS2000 with a similar issue, which was a bit simpler though, basically some of the keys wouldn't play notes most of the time. I got around this by taking it apart and scribbling some pencil underneath the keys, keyboards tend to use graphite to send a signal when a key is pressed, something as old as a Virus B very well might have had it's graphite warn away, like I say though scribbling some pencil fixed my problem. I discovered this through a YouTube video, I'll try to find it. It will probably be worth seeing if the notes play fine when receiving midi from an outside source first though, a sequencer or midi keyboard as flabbrebob suggested..