Live performance- with sequencers?

  • Hi!

    I have just set up a band. We are mainly electro. I want to use my Virus TI2 - Mininova synth, and possibly a kaoscilator pro. The idea is to play everything live (WITHOUT A PC!!). I have been told that the Elektron Octotrack is a great sequencer, and I am seriously thinking about purchasing!.. So, I have heard that the Virus TI2 is multitibral. There are so man wicked souds from this thing, that I would like to use more than one running through the sequencer at the same time. Is this something that can be done? without having to run trough software of course? I really dont see it being a clever idea using 5 different synthesisers!!!!!

    What would also be great, paying a loop through the sequencer, and then being able to play the synth live over the top of that loop?

    Please help... Idon't want to spend a grand on a sequencer only to find out I have to sell it or buy loads of synths to play individual sounds :cursing:?(

  • The bottom line is yes. There are just a few things you need to be aware of:

    • Decide if you want to use multi mode and gain the ability to load up multis, or use sequencer mode and load patches for each channel e.g. by sending a patch/bank command from the octatrack.
    • Voice limit: The number of timbres you can use without voice stealing, depends on the complexity of the patches and of the arrangement. You can gain some more voices if you use unison cautiously, use complex oscillators only when you really need them and use external reverb/delay processing
    • Note that you can assign parts to the different line outputs of the Virus which can make your mixing engineer's life easier if done correctly (I suggest you consult one when assigning the patches).

    Hope this helps.

  • The Virus is 16-part multitimbral, meaning in can play up to 16 different patches simultaneously (*), each patch assigned to a separate MIDI channel. For this, the Virus has to be in SEQ or MULTI mode.

    Now, I've heard the Octatrack is a great sampler, but if you just need to for MIDI sequencing, it might be an overkill. I'd suggest something like MPC1000.

    (*) in practice, you probably won't be able to play 16 simultaneous patches, but the point is, they all will be available for playing at some time during the song.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Thanks for the help guys, think I am going to need to research a whole lot more too!!


    The idea is to be as live and band looking as possible! - I would ideally like to have some sequenced loops, but then free style on a couple of tunes over the top, so to give people the impression I am doing something...

    I want this to look more like a band playin than a DJ with a band sort of thing? :S