Strange Sync-Issue with parameter value changes in Plugin

  • Hi!

    I encountered a strange problem with parameter value changes via Virus TI Plugin...

    My Virus TI Desktop doesn't sync to some(!) paramaters which I try to change within the Plugin.
    For example, if i'm going to tweak the EQ in the Plugin, the sound is still unchanged, but if i do it directly on the virus, it works!

    That goes for some parameters... like vel-filter-env, vel-volume, eq-section, phasersection, etc. i think it's pretty random.
    Sometimes it all works, but afterwards it doesn't anymore, i really don't know whats wrong. :/

    There are also some parameters which work everytime (like cutoff, patch volume, the whole osc-page etc. - no issues yet)

    I really would like to know if it's a known issue... :(
    at the moment my workaround is, ; to tweak on the Virus itself - but i'm not very used to it, so i'm looking forward to get this fixed...

    My Specs:

    - XP 32bit SP3
    - Cubase 5.1
    - Virus TI Version:
    - Virus TI Control Version: