Atomizer Setup BY- MusaicSong

  • For this Virus/Logic explanation I'm using MacBook OS !0.6.8; Logic Pro 9.1; Virus TI OS 5, and my interface is Digidesign MBox Pro 2.

    1. Connect the headphone jack of your laptop to the physical input of the Virus TI. Note: If only one input of your Virus TI works, then use a Stereo to Mono addapter to the input side that works.

    2. Connect "Output 1" left and right of the Virus TI to the front inputs 1 & 2 of the Mbox Pro2 and set Mbox for "DI" direct Input(s).

    3. Connect the headphone jack of the MBox to headphones or speakers.

    4. Restart you Mac to avoid complications. Then connect your MBox firewire and Virus USB. Turn it on.

    5. Open Logic and create a new session.

    6. Create 1 Instrument Track & load the Virus.

    7. Create 1 Audio Track.

    8. Record-Arm both tracks.

    9. Go to your Browser in Virus Control on screan and chose an Atomizer patch.

    10. Switch to "Patch Utility" > CONFIG > USB ADIO MODE and set it to 3 Outs / No Input.

    11. If you want the Analog Outputs to be recorded, go to the "COMMON" Page and change the "MAIN OUT" to "Out1 L+R". Otherwise, leave it on "USB1 L+R".

    12. Option-click all Logic faders to unity gain.

    13. Choose an audio file of your hard drive; desk top. OR, tape player, record player if connected. Play your sound/music via "Quick Look"; "QuickTime"; "iTunes", etc., and adjust the Input volumes on your MBox/Interface so that it is not clipping in logic.

    14. Set your MIDI keyboard to affect the Atomizer. You can now record both performances MIDI & the effected Audio to Logic.

    The question now would be is: How do you Automize and record audio from a Logic Audio Track inside of Logic? The same Logic audio would be comming out the headphone jack, through the Virus, then thru the MBox. Any takers on this?

    Atomizer would be fantastic if we could expand it to the Arpeggiator page. It's kind of ho-hum at its current stage. :whistling:

  • If you want to use the atomizer as an effect on an existing track you should use it as a send effect:
    Option one - luckily you have an MBox pro which has a few send outputs. Use Logic to route the audio source track to one of those and connect it to the physical input of the Virus. Use the same setting that you gave in the guide above. Use 2 outputs for stereo.
    Option two - Use the VC as if you are sidechaining it with input from the audio source track. For that you need to first set the VC to 3 out / 1 in mode.
    Hope this helps.