VIrus OS 5.03 still very buggy in logic

  • Working on a session today whilst turning the width dial on the unison control and my virus spat out some horrendous high pitched saw tone that almost deafened me. This is not good guys.
    I have also noticed when working on a patch in logic that artefacts are introduced which sounds like a wandering pitch up and down which can be seen on a frequency analyser . Most noticeable when working with a pure sine wave tone but can be heard in any patch whilst i'm working on it. If i press the start button then stop in logic it goes away. I have to continually do this in order to work on patches inside logic.
    I have the latest version of logic , I have the TI plugged into it's own usb pci card in my mac pro with nothing else using it . Snow Leopard is the OS. I've kinda got used to the Virus playing up when i have loop mode on ( spitting out random sounds when the track plays and losing the timing of the lfos) , but this is not acceptable from a 3 grand synth. Loop wasn't engage in this circumstance and I have the pre cycling on.

  • Don't know how much help it will be to you, but I do get this kind of weirdness on a PC when the Virus loses sync. For example, when I load a project with Virus tracks already in it, it usually starts out of sync. I fix it by first making sure all Virus tracks are not armed, then I toggle VC's live button a few times, arm one of the Virus tracks, toggle the live button a few times again, then unarm that track, and this seems to do the trick.
    Hope you find a solution soon.