Virus TI works perfectly with FL Studio 10 no sync issues anymore

  • Hi all,

    FL Studio doesn't support real time Hardware Delay Compensation, there are always some delay withit the daw. This is very annoying.

    I've just made a simple trick to make it work. Main idea is that if FL cannot set proper delay compensation, that it should be applied manually to other tracks.

    1. Root VIRUS TI Channels to MASTER of mixer WITHOUT any delay compensation in FL Studio
    2.Set 90ms delay compenastion of Channel 1 (Insert 1), this will be our Secondary OUT for every sound except VIRUS. (maybe you need different delay time depends on your config).Please consider it that from this point this is the OUT for every instruments/sound for FL Studio except VIRUS.
    3. In default all of the channels (inserts) rooted to MASTER in FL. We have to change it. Every channel should be rooted to CHANNEL 1 as this is the Delay Compensated out now ( see step 2) I rooted the first 49 channel, it is far enough i think.
    4. VERY IMPORTANT THAT U HAVE TO ASSIGN EVERY SOUND/INSTRUMENT TO MIXER CHANNEL , unless FL send it to Master in default and it won't be compensated.

    Issues: Unfortunatelly, Metronome will be out of sync bacuse it is strictly works on Master only.

    Please find .FLP here:

    I've Virus TI Snow so there are only 4 channels ( collecting every penny for a desktop ) but the method is the same for other TI as well.

    If you have such soundcard like Saffire Focusrite which has virtual mixer, you can make it even better (metronome works perfectly) by rooting master out and virus out to different input of the Saffire Mix control and this way you don't need to reroot channels only put delay compensation to master.

    Hope this help.

  • it depends on your config really, on my Desktop PC i need 88ms. Automatic PDC will tell the excact time on your own config in FL 10. In addition if you put some plugins on Virus Channel theDelay will be longer. To be honest you cannot set a fixed PDC unless you won't use any plugins on Virus Channel.

    Anyway in FL Studio 11, looks like Automatic PDC works well. It adjust the delay correctly even if you put plugin on Virus Channel.