Virus Ti on WIN 7 Can't install midi and audio drivers in device manager

  • Why cant you reinstall your operating system??..of course you can... you don't "reformat" it you reinstall it... you only "re format" a hard drive, Reinstall your operating system... using your system restore discs, or is the only quick and reliable way of getting rid of unwanted system files causing your trouble. Or you will be spending forever and a day trying to sort this out... :thumbup:

  • @ Muzicmann

    If you aren't having issues with 5 doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with it and it's peoples computers. If something won't install it isn't because there are extra system files LOL are you new at computers?

    I am also having issues on a WIN7 PC 64bit machine. Still can't install 5, no update to the installer. I am now hoping the next update will install. 4.5.3 is what I am running now, I think. Poor quality. Updates is what we paid extra $ for this synth. I used to get a blue screen of death when updating firmware, now it just freezes, otherwise this computer is rock solid. Every few months I come back to download and try and install thinking they fixed it. NOPE!

    I have been warning all my producer friends to stay away from the Virus because of this.

  • If something won't install it isn't because there are extra system files LOL are you new at computers?

    I think that muzikman2008 is not talking about just any file, but the files from the previous version installed. Sometimes even uninstalling the previous version from the control panel doesn't get rid of all the files, and you have to delete them manually or they will interfere with the installation of the next version.

  • Lol.. yeah i suppose 33 years in the Music business and having a PC since windows 3.1 in 1992, Working for an IT company and Working every day on servers and multi platform Data streaming networks, makes me a beginner... As Flabberbob says, i did mean uninstallers do not always remove all the files it installed regarding "virus/VCC" installations, therefore doing a "clean" install of your operating system will remove those files that were not removed initially. Manually uninstalling unwanted files can take forever! espcially if you do not know what to remove... so just clean install as it quicker... that's all i was saying.
    Good luck!