using Virus control and the physical MIDI ports

  • Hello all, I've done some Googling, and searching of this forum, plus I've looked through the manual but I haven't seen anything I feel answers my question, I'm probably using the wrong key search words so please be gentle if this has already been discussed before.

    I shall start with explaining what I would like to do. I am using a Virus TI Polar with Ableton Live and an APC40 for live performance with my industrial metal band. I've figured a pretty efficient way of using the Virus to play the synth lines and to even use it to control non Virus software synths. I would like to add an additional MIDI keyboard though so that I can either play more than one synth line at a time or very very quickly change between sounds moving from one keyboard to the other. usually I would attach this keyboard by USB but my Macbook pro only has 2 ports, which the Virus and APC40 will consume and I don't really want to look into splitting the USB ports. So what it is I am trying to do is take a MIDI cable from this keyboard, and plug it into the Virus's MIDI in port, incidentally I am also using the Virus as an audio interface in an attempt to cut down on the amount of gear I gig with.

    So my issue is that when you use the Virus TI in USB mode, with Virus Control the MIDI ports seem to disable, is there anyway I can re enable the Viruses MIDI in ports so that they can send control information to my DAW? I hope I've worded my question so that it's easy enough to understand, and I hope someone can help me!

    Many thanks