Ring Modulation Mix MIDI CC?

  • Hello,

    I've seen MIDI CC charts floating around the web for the Virus TI, and they claim that MIDI CC 38 controls the Ring Modulation Mix amount, however this does not work for me.

    Can anyone else confirm that this does or does not work?


  • Download the Virus C manual from the manuals page of the support section of the Access site. In the appendix of the manual the is a list of all the controls, to which the Virus TI is compatible (and adds two additional control banks). The MIDI CC controllable parameters are listed in bank A, and poly-pressure controllable ones are listed in bank B, and both are also controllable with sysEx.
    Just make sure you send them on the correct MIDI channel and that on the MIDI control page of the config menu (LCD) bank A is set up for controller data.
    Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I think I was not clear enough in my first post, however. I have everything set up correctly, and I have successfully used CCs to control all of the other parameters on the Virus. It is just this one specific case that does not work for me: MIDI CC 38, controlling Ring Mod Mix.

    I was hoping someone could do a test on their Virus to see if it works for them or not. If it works for someone else, then it is a bug with my unit, and if it doesn't work for them, then it is a widespread issue, which I'd like to report to Access.

    Could anyone confirm this? Thanks so much!

    ps. Original Virus TI desktop, running 5.0.3, receiving MIDI through USB.

  • I know this thread is very old but this issue is still relevant obviously as I also stumbled on this and its a top google result and the midi chart that goes around indeed states the ring modulator to be on cc38, while this is incorrect, at least for a TI2. Connecting the virus to Midi-OX the incoming CC was hex36, so CC50. Use this value and you will be able to control the ring modulator volume.