modulate the Filterbank frequency with an envelope. how?

  • My guess is that there are a few sources that do not work in the Virus Control software. I have the same issue with Channel Pressure (you can search and find that thread).

    Does it work when you use the same source in HW?


    Nord Stage 2
    Access Virus Ti2 Polar
    Sequential Prophet 6
    Korg WS-AD
    Korg TR-Rack
    Roland XV-5050

  • The Filter & Amp Envelopes are "per note", so you can't use those. You must use the LFO in Enelope mode as suggested earlier.

  • This is something to do with the filters being a 'per note' modulation source, and that the effects are 'per part'

    filters a per note modulation source???? that doesn't any make sence. how can a filter be a SOURCE of a MODULATION? an envelope, lfo, or even an oscillator can be a source but a filter not...

    I think you mean something different? can you please try to explain?

    and what do you mean by ''per part''

    I have this problem to when I just use ONE part on my virus.

  • I made a typing error, I meant the filters envelope, although a filter can still be used as a modulation source in something like frequency modulation for example.

    When I say part I mean one of the 16 sounds your Virus TI offers, obviously a Virus Snow only offers 4. So as I understand, a filter will filter each individual note, that's how you get different characters with keyboard follow and slow moving envelopes. As anything that is "per part" will affect the entire instrument sound at once.

    So basically the filter bank is not a per note effect, therefore you cannot modulate it directly with a per note modulation source.