Who can re-create this sound?

  • Hey Erol, what's up?

    This sound is similar to some of the ones I made for you before. The basic scream is only osc2 running a classic saw wave, and FM modulated by white noise. To make it say "AH" you can use the vowel filter on the vowel "AH". On top of that you can add distortion and chorus to taste.
    To make it go "AOW" like it does at the end of the phrase, I think the musician just recorded a long scream from the original synth and dropped it in a sample based synth (such as sampletank or omnisphere) and played the high note and then the low note in monophonic mode with portamento.
    But this can be done with the Virus as well - if you use the pitch wheel instead, increase its semitone span, and use the pitch wheel as a modulation source to the vowel filter (modulation matrix destination name is filterbank frequency IIRC) that will bring it from "AH" to "OO".
    Good luck!