ableton error: virus ti input buffer size is too large (want to use my computer's onboard soundcard, not the virus as a soundcard)

  • i just bought a virus ti snow the other day and i want to keep using my computer's onboard sound card, not the virus snow's sound card. so i have the virus snow hooked up via usb and in ableton i have the audio driver set to my onboard sound card instead of ASIO (ASIO only offers the virus snow's sound card as an option). then i set ableton's "audio input device" to "line-in (virus ti audio 2.9.49) dx" (there is a "dx" and "wave" option for the virus). i set the "input buffer size" down to 256 samples, as low as it goes. whenever i set the audio driver type to ASIO and do use the virus snow as the soundcard, there is no error and the "input buffer size" and "input config" are different - due to using a different driver.

    the virus snow's USB Audio Mode is set to "3 outs / 1 input mode" since i don't want to use it as a sound card, might as well take advantage of the additional output channel. i just want to use the virus as a USB line-in device and use my laptop speakers so i don't have to deal with analog cables, etc.

    i'm not sure why i'm getting this message even though the input buffer size is set to 256 samples, well under 512 samples.

  • also sometimes in ableton, the virus snow keeps making sounds as if there were a stuck key. i'm using ableton as the midi controller (just my laptop keyboard) and don't have this problem with any vst's so it's definitely not a physical stuck key. i have to delete the virus' vst instance from the MIDI channel and re-add it to make it stop.

    i'm on OS v5.0.4.02 (64-bit) with a 32-bit VST because i'm running Ableton 9 (32-bit) on Windows 7 (64-bit). so i'm running all 32-bit apps in a 64-bit environment, all my VST's were 32-bit so i didn't want to jump to 64-bit Ableton 9.

  • thanks for the replies... the stuck key/note problem is definitely tied to the error, when i use the ASIO driver and the virus as a sound card then there's no problem. when i select the ASIO option, the only option i have is the virus and focusrite. i have a focusrite sound card for non-USB synths but i won't get into that cuz that setup is unrelated, this laptop/virus snow setup is for mobiity, when dragging around a bunch of other stuff isn't an option. my onboard soundcard has been great for music production with softsynths so far, but i realize the sound card doesn't really have much importance when it comes to using softsynths, it's my quad-core and lots of ram that is important. so i understand that softsynths versus the virus is apples and oranges.

    so is the onboard soundcard and using the virus as just a usb line-in device is a no-go or is there an ASIO driver that allows me to use my onboard sound card? i just really don't want to use the virus as my laptop's sound card, that setup causes some really inconvenient problems that i'd rather not have to get into.

  • sorry man, my browser's been messing up on this website's java and i didn't see your earlier ASIO4ALL recommendation until i switched over to firefox just now.

    anyway thanks, that solved all my problems!!! i can have my cake and eat it too after all. i really appreciate the help, now it's time to get to work on some songs 8o