Cant see any posts :(

  • Hi guys,

    It's been years since I've been on here - used to have a Virus B, then bought a second hand Ti. However I've got a problem with it, but I cant see any posts. Tried to register a fresh, but when I put the serial in - it says it's already registered. Hmm. I wonder if the guy I bought it off registered on here? If an admin can PM me, I'll gladly send you the serial. Anyway, I'll check back during the day. Meanwhile I really need to sort this issue, so I'll make the post anyway in the other forum and see what happens! ;)


  • I am new to this forum , but I am on many others no problems at all !!!! And I am a registered member here. But when I look for any post . I can find a few . but when I click on a topic here there is nothing ?? This happens in many places on the forum.

  • Quote-Regarding topics not showing, what browser were you using? Did you try another browser? Yes , plus other computers and same problem .. I did talk to others that go to the Virus forum that have the same problem . I am on many !! other forums and have never had this problem .. I have up to date Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 . when I log off of forum with Internet Explorer 8, I can see all the post .. And I have read others on the forum with the same problem I have .. You see its hard to understand because I have never had this happen on other forums .... Oh and thank you for all the info , I love this new Access Virus Ti2 and want to learn as much as I can to master this keyboard as I do all my many !! others.. I have been working with Synths for over 30 years . Made many of my own , Still do .. Regards , TotallyKenny Thanks again , :thumbsup: , PS I see there is a lot of great info on this forum and I just want to be able to read it ..and ask questions ..

  • I know this is an old post, but for the benefit of any newcomers, I notice that using certain browsers means that you have to click on the '+' button to expand the threads. It's easy to miss, and I'd been caught out with it for a while!