Best request ever, if it works

  • Right, we all know it's pretty impossible to get a full 16 tracks out of your virus ti. So, how about making a VC vst plugin that only loads 6 or even 8 part slots available.

    The idea is with hope that ditching the other unused tracks would free up some small amounts of power in the virus.

    I hate seeing the empty spaces that i would just love to fill with 1 more killer sound from my virus in a tune. Just having a 6 part VC would be much favoured by me.

    Am just about finished my latest track and it has 3 really heavy load virus patches in it. I've jst managed to do 1 recording with no pops or clicks but I have had them in the track on other recording attempts. Possibly the slight load relief of a 6 part virus plug in would make my 3 tracks load be completly pops & clicks free. Don't forget it's that 1 slight click that can ruin your complete mix down. It was also so tempting to add another track but I've managed to finish with out it.

    I know it might sound silly to some as the tracks aren't used anyway but I have noticed that even once I've reached the overload stage, muting the tracks doesn't lighten the load. I am hoping that the empty track takes up some power.

  • I think as the dsp is allocated dynamicly, even if you have 100tracks instead of 6, while you don't play with more of 3 you don't use more dsp power as needed
    beaucause the 97 other doies nothing

  • Thats what i dreaded. Although the init patch loaded as standard is a waveform itself, does that not take up some power x16?

    For instance when I have 1 part playing onit's own I still may get a click if I have loaded in 4 or 5 parts that are playing in other sections in the tune.

    Surely 16 versions of a knobs placement must take up some space, ram or even your cpu what could be freed up for other vst plugins, if it doesn't free up the load on the virus.

    I just don't see the point in all 16 parts available.