Access Virus CC parameters list

  • Hello creative beings, many thanks for the cc list really usefull !!

    Can someone tell me how i can control (i'm using TI Snow) the 'arp mode' or the 'arp pattern select' for example with my midi controler?

    I don't know how i can control the parameters in 'page b' how i can program my controller for these parameters in page b?


  • Hello, TI Snow arp can be controlled by SysEx messages only:

    Arp mode: F0002033010071000100F7
    Arp pattern: F0002033010071000200F7
    Arp octave range: F0002033010071000300F7
    Arp hold enabled: F0002033010071000400F7
    Arp note length: F0002033010071000540F7
    Arp swing: F0002033010071000600F7
    Arp clock: F0002033010071001101F7

    F00020330100720 >0<-this is a part number, 6000F7

    F00020330100710006 >5A<-here you have value, F7

    To view details you can download free win app:

  • Thank you cotton machine!
    You mean that if I want to control any parameters from b and c page i have to program my midi controler to send specific sysex messages to these parameters?
    Do you know if it's possible to do this with the knobs of a MPK25 midi keyboard, i know that i can program the CC, aftertouch and +/-NRPN messages.
    Any idea please? ?(

  • Enrythmiasis, I have no idea.

    The only way, I think, is to use some software, which map CC to SysEX messages (if you use computer all the time).
    Currently I'm writing some software, but it will be accessible to download in the next week.
    I'm struggling with configuring my snow too, which is the reason why I'm programming the soft to control it ;)

    (I use Wave Idea (CME) Bitstream 3X as a mdi controller, which allows me to configuring SysEx messages.)

  • I have downloaded the chart of controller number for the Virus, and want to program a controller keyboard for programming my Snow.
    Does anyone know how you send those controller numbers from the B and C pages?

    In Logic, I can see that these parameters are available as automation, but use controller numbers above 127.
    OSC 3 volume is CC#215 for example.

    What kind of sys-ex is needed to send those controller messages to the Snow?