snow is -2.5 steps out of key.

  • I have to set the master tuning to -64 and transpose up +2 to get standard A440 tuning. :( Unfortunately the snow doesn't have a global transpose. Does this mean I have to go and transpose each patch to + 2. I have tried everything. Re installed to firmware to the latest 0S. Tried to restore to a previous backup of my patches.

  • No this is not right, it should be stable tuning. Have you got any other gear connected to the virus midi ports when this happens?
    Try it without any external gear connected see if that helps, if it is fine then your external gear is switching tuning in the virus.
    I would be surprised if the virus has a fault, but if you have reinstalled firmware and still the same, it only points to what i said above.
    unless you have saved your patches with detuning included?.. good luck.