Problem using the Virus TI Snow with FL Studio.

  • Okay, okay, we all know it. FLS and hardware is a bad combination. And many of you have probably seen users asking for help about this many many times, but my attempts at finding help with google has not yielded anything.

    So, basically, here is the issue -

    Since my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 does not allow you to change buffer length in any measurements than milliseconds, I'm forced to use this virus as an audio interface. The issues I'm getting when I'm using said piece of hardware as an audio interface is that literally EVERYTHING in FL studio is being delayed by 200-300ms. Even playing samples from my library. So, naturally, I've tried to fix this with FL's PDC(Plugin Delay Compensation), and it doesn't work.

    Generally, I encounter three issues by doing this -

    1)Every time I add any kind of plugin to the project, it wrecks the PDC, which means I have to go to the far right bottom section of the mixer and reselect the OUT.

    2)The PDC does not work at all when you combine the virus TI software with soft synths in the same project. It just doesn't. Either I get it working for the soft synth, or for the TI software. Not both at the same time.

    3)When I'm trying to open projects - which, by the way, does not feature the TI plugin at all, I STILL have to set delay compensation, and when I do, it usually works fine the FIRST time I play a snippet of whatever sound, but as soon as it hit pause and play again, I just get crackle noises and popping sounds and then actual audio 200-300ms later, just as if I hadn't activated PDC at all to begin with.

    As you probably can guess, this is EXTREMELY frustrating for me, and it is of utter desperance I'm creating this thread here. I've tried so many things, but none works - I've enabled High performance in the power options, made sure my virus doesn't share the usb hub with anything else, disabled USB selective suspending, USB power saving, and the list goes on. Nothing does the trick. And I'm getting really tired of getting crackling noises when just plainly using this thing as an audio interface(e.g, not even utilizing it as a synth), whereas my old audio interface had zero problems at all.

    So... anyone that can help? ?(

  • A few suggestions:
    Even though the scarlett 2i2 uses odd buffer sizes, you might be able to use it despite the warning. It will mean that your computer will have to do extra work for converting packet sizes, but your computer might be up to it.
    You can try installing asio4all, and work through it instead of the focusrite ASIO drivers. Asio4all has better configuration options.
    Regarding FLS, as a part of the Virus installation there is an FLS demo project with static delay compensation already set up. You can copy the numbers from there, and use them in all of your projects.
    Hope this helps.

  • FL10 has a new plugin delay compensation engine. this new engine causes problems where were not present in the old engine (which worked better for us).
    as it turns out, there is nothing we can do about all that. as a result, we consider to remove FL studio from our list of supported hosts. we always kept the list short to ensure that supported hosts are getting the best treatment possible. removing FL from the list would enable us to include a new host such as Studio One for instance. we have not taken a final decision yet.
    best, marc