Creating your own/new sound

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm kinda new to the Virus Ti series. Bought a Virus Ti Snow a few weeks ago and started with the basics,
    exploring the menu's, looking into the standard presets/bank, trying to create something out of scrap... and so on...

    I would like to use the Ti more, not only because of the mighty sound, but more to create my own patches in stead of
    going through the standard banks and editing some existing presets..

    I always worked with software like sylenth1 and massive, but it looks like it's harder for me to create a kind of basic sound
    out of the Virus then out of the plugins like sylenth1!?

    My sounds gets messy very fast without doing what I want. so my question is: 'Do you know some basic videos where they start from init and build some sounds?'
    I'm a hardstyle producer and in hardstyle the SCREECH sound, if some of you know what I mean, is very populair in there, but I even got problems making that!


    Thanks anyway!

  • If you are referring to the "hiss" this is just the high end of the saw wave. If you don't want it you can lowpass it out on the Virus or in your DAW. If you want to spread it evenly you can use one of the chorus effects that have X-fade that you can bring to the high frequencies. If it is somewhere else in the sound try to check your detune and (in case of hypersaw) spread values.
    Hope this helps.

  • Well, with the messy thing you need to listen to the audio file I've added with. It sounds like there's another sound in it with a LFO which rate is changing, from fast to slow.
    When I just let it play a few times, it's gone. When I'm stopping the sound and wait a few seconds, it's there again.


    And I have to learn the virus by myself too, I know most of the general subjects.

    Hi there,

    try removing the noise osc from your patch... has the mess gone?

    If the mess has now gone, you more than likely are using the latested beta version of virus os.
    If this is the case, simply downgrade the virus os to the previous release (i.e. not beta) and your problem will go.

    I believe it is a bug in the latest beta version, i.e. lfo modulated white noise within the noise oscillator over usb...
    Access are always improving and evolving their product, one of the reason i love the virus!

    Have fun ...


  • I guess I could bother helping you a bit, though this thread makes me feel like you want someone to just spoonfeed you... I mean, you don't learn everything about synths in one evening and the sounds especially in hardstyle are usually quite complex.

    Anyways, without further gibberish here's a patch bank for you which contains 2 simple patches crafted by me and aimed for hardstyle, a generic hypersaw/saw lead and a hypersaw/saw screech.

    Here's a sample of both of them first, this is how they should sound or at least sound when played by my Virus TI Desktop:

    And here's the bank itself:

    I hope you will actually learn something from these 2 patches instead of just ripping them off from me and using blindly in your own productions.

  • Hi everyone,

    I always worked with software like sylenth1 and massive, but it looks like it's harder for me to create a kind of basic sound
    out of the Virus then out of the plugins like sylenth1!?

    Because there are plenty of how to videos on you tube about sylenth and massive, not so much the Virus. You will have picked them up nice and quickly. There is no way I believe that if you fully understand both of those VST's that you are struggling with the Virus. Sylenth is very simple to follow and so is the Virus. Massive can be a lil confusing if anything at first. Using all of them I'd have to say the Virus interface is the simplest. The only complexity in it is that it offers more features but you can ignore this until your knowledge grows.

    You will also begin to see why the controls are laid out exactly as they are as opposed to the simplicity of sylenth, simply because that feature isn't available. Like fading between oscillator types instead of just selecting the wave for the osc.

    For me, once you know 1 synth, you pretty much know them all. At a medium level anyways!