• There's nothing great in those leads... Anyways, if you want a thin lead like that turn the oscillator 1 and 2 into hypersaw mode, set their detune to approximately 90-120 depending how detuned lead you want, set oscillator 2 main detune to approximately 90-120 as well again depending what kind of sound you want. Then add some fast pitch modulation to osc 1 & 2 using as example LFO1 with like 37.5% and -~42% mix-amount-values, speed at like 120 and that's it.

    All in all those leads are really, really simple. It just seems to me that the guy takes few supersaw oscs and does exactly what I said just, there's nothing great about them. If you want a powerful and rather unique supersaw lead then you have to introduce oscillator 3 as a saw oscillator and use osc1 & osc2 in normal saw mode instead of hypersaw, make a complex patch with those including various different kind of pitch modulation via envelopes controlling LFO's and such for delayed vibrato/fast pitch modulation and maybe even turn a square oscillator into a saw'ish oscillator via fast PWM, use the analog effect for a bit more warm sound, automate/modulate even that effect's parameters, use a lowpass filter in combination with a bandpass filter for more powerful sounding lowpass filter cutoff envelope, etc etc... and then layer that with as example a wide hypersaw lead or something like that... People ask help for so simple things here at the virus forums all the time, if you have a damn virus synth then go and experiment with it, that's why you bought it in the first place, right?

  • No need to get all worked up, Harha ;-) , this too is a good way to learn.
    I would just like to add regarding making the lead morph into and out of a pluck. You can do this with even just one filter in lowpass. Increase the env amout of the filter in positive mode using the filter envelope shape of the init patch (zero attack and sustain, short decay). Now when the cutoff knob of the filter is at 0, it's a pluck. As you increase it, it is more and more a hoover sound.
    Hope this helps.