Best DAW for Access Virus TI2 and Roland Integra 7

  • Hi guys,

    I have just bought my first Access Virus TI2 keyboard. I have not been using any computers with my equipment to date and was wondering if anyone can recommend what the best DAW software for Access Virus is. In addition I am looking to buy an iMac but I want to be able to also use the Roland Integra 7 for acoustic sounds in combination. Therefore DAW software should be reliable and compatible with both. Can anyone recommend and advise on the best set up both in terms of Mac or PC and which software in order to get the most out of the Access Virus? Thanks for your help. A

  • If you are planning to use a DAW and have not yet purchased the Integra 7, I suggest investigating the state of any VST editor with Roland or their forums.

    A read through the threads here will get you some feel for which DAWs work well with the Ti.. I cannot comment on anything other than PC and Sonar, which works really well.

  • I use Cockos Reaper DAW with my Virus TI2 keyboard, with no issues. I don't use Virus USB as a soundcard though. I use the analogue outs. Reaper is free to use for 30 days without any restrictions, and keeps working after trial period with only a nag screen. The licence is really cheap though if you decide to buy.. I also use loads of roland gear, Juno Stage, Korg Triton, and all play great with Reaper. My soundcard is a Roland (Edirol) UA-1000 10 X 10 interface, also works seamless with Reaper.

    On another note, i used Sonar once thinking it would work great with my sound card, but it never even recognised it!.. uninstalled and never used again.

    There is a great support forum for Reaper, and it doesnt get bogged down with loads of VSTs you dont need, download is 7Mb and it is updated almost every month with new features etc.. It is a great concept for a DAW as the programmers have a business model that does not restrict the user with copy protection, dongles, etc, they trust you to try & buy...i certainly did, there is nothing that Reaper cant do, it is very comprehensive in its features, efficient coding, and run by a great company, and NO i do not work for Runs on Windoze or Mac too... 32 or 64 bit.

    I fancied an integra 7 and getting rid of all my other keyboards (except my Virus of course), slim down my

    Try it here ....>> and join the revolution baby! :thumbup:

  • Thanks guys for your answers. It is a learning curve for me indeed.
    I have been a live keyboard player and used to be very critical to those computer musicians for using software instruments.
    But things changed and I realised that I need to step up and learn towards computer music to be more professional.
    At the beginning I bought lots of different synths not even having spent a time playing them. Sold them. Now I have only Access virus TI2 and Roland Integra-7 I guess perfect combination of synth and acoustic sounds.

    Searched online and found some posts regarding problems of integration Access Virus TI2 with latest Logic Pro X
    Checked Cubase - they have lots of different versions of Cubase 7 don't know which one to go for and iMac compatibility unknown

    I think as I will mainly use hardware synths I will not need DAW overloaded with virtual instruments and other additions.
    I want to use it only for sequencing,MIDI /AUDIO recording, mixing and mastering.

    Never heard about Reaper DAW but will take look. Also I think to contact Roland directly and ask about integration with iMac and DAWs

    If you have any other ideas please let me know I would be very grateful.