how to make this atmospheric pad?

  • The heavily detuned character can be achieved with hypersaw oscillators (when you increase the attack time it stops being a trance sound ;-) ) or classic pulse with modulated width, and also by applying chorus and phaser. The oscillators don't play the same note, probably 7 semitones apart (fifths), but I didn't check. On top of that, there is a slight "wah" effect that can be achieved with a modulated vowel filter mixed with the original signal (another option - a parallel filter routing with one allpass and one cutoff modulated bandpass).
    Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the reply! those are good tips. i couldn't get the harmonics down really but i was able to get nice movement out of it by following your reply. i tried modulating pwm on a square wave but eventually settled on hypersaw. i tried transposing one oscillator to a couple different chords but eventually settled on the +7 semitones like you mentioned, seemed to sound the best. i wasn't able to get the vowel filter to compliment the sound but setting the filters to parallel and modulating a bandreject with one and bandstop with the other gave it nice sounding movement.

    alternatively, setting one LFO to envelope mode and letting it modulate the opening of a LPF as one of the filters got it fairly close to that sweepying sound the original has. i spent the night trying all sorts of variations of your recommendation with a few different waveforms, fx, etc, and got some really nice atmospheric pads. so you really helped open up a new way of approaching pads, the type i've been trying to make for awhile, thank you!