Using a breath controller

  • Ok, this is probably more a 'patch' question than strict sound design.

    Id like to adapt and create my own patches that can be used well with a breath controller, and I want to play it like a wind instrument.
    (Im playing an eigenharp, but for this purpose its similar to a EWI wind controller)

    So far what I tend to do is the following in the Mod Matrix:
    Breath -64 Amp Env Attack
    Breath +63 Osc Volume
    Breath +30 Filter 1 Cutoff

    basically this ok, it means the breath will bring in sounds slowly, and volume is related and brighter (+30 assumes LP filter on F1)

    but I wondering if any one else here has any other ideas/tricks to help make patches behave like a wind instrument?


  • I find that brass/wind instruments tend to drift slightly higher in pitch when played louder (maybe due to the higher air pressure), This can be modulated straight from the controller, or just by modulation of the amount of a unipolar LFO to pitch.
    Another way to control brightness apart from the filter is to subtly add another oscillator that adds a few higher pitched harmonics to the sound.
    Accent the attack even further with a short distortion, FM or a burst of white noise (or a combination of the above).
    Hope this helps.

  • yeah, ive been doing this already with CC2.
    what does CC11 and CC7 represent on an EWI?
    in midi specs it just volume and expression - but are these just a dial/control on the EWI , or is this some how determined from the breath input?