The Love/Hate relationship with my Virus

  • I'll answer the more nuts and bolts stuff that might help other people trouble shoot here.

    I only use VC so the TI clock is automatically slaved to the DAW. MIDI sync for TI MIDI and Synth both off. As I said this can go nuts sometimes, but the problem never persists. I use clocked aspects a lot so I really could work if this wasn't reliable for me. I don't use any plugin delay compensation. Like I mentioned earlier I switch buffer for the benefit of other gear, but the TI is happy at 128. I really just installed Ableton and it just worked. If there are any other settings I should check let me know.

    One thing though....The OS5 driver really improved things a lot for me. In the past when I had issues I found that previously installed versions of the driver would cause strange conflicts....back when the TI used to be fussy about using the same USB port (...why?....). My TI is no longer fussy about USB ports after OS5 which I assumes was a feature of OS5. I it's not that may be significant, but I don't remember it flashing up the warning about USB ports on installation. I did do a fresh operating system install when OS5 came out so cleaning old drivers out might be a good place to look.

    I've posted the more general TI and Live discussion here...…page=Thread&threadID=5223

  • I gave the VC another go recently, I used to stick to midi/audio.

    It's better, but weird shit still happens, yesterday I had stuck notes and could not figure out why, the same untouched patch wasn't doing it the day before. Sigh.. I gave up

  • Have posted elsewhere, but V2 of Patch Morpher is going to support the Virus Ti. I bought it for my KingKorg and is amazing. Granted, you need an iPad (which I specifically bought for this) and should help to solve the issue of storing patches, editing without the need for Ti.

    The patch morpher looks promising. Have you had a chance to try it on the Virus yet? Please share your experience.

  • I'm not sure, I did buy it the other day though and came up with some great patches, though you have to use the midi in and out connectors and unplug the USB, but doesn't bother me. You can store scenes and have multiple patches that blend together, then save as a complete new patch on the ipad of on the Ti.

  • me too.
    Why the hell don't access just make a flipping Library Patch selector VST. That's ALL I want.
    I can record it fine using the SPDIF out. I dont need 'total integration' that doesn't work.
    I just want a convienient way to load and save patches, and read/write automation.