Virus TI, Reason7 and rewire?

  • hello,

    I want to play live with a small setup. I sold my tiKB a while ago because i needed space and my opinion was, the power of my laptop is enough but the situation by now is this that where is a critical limit with reason in Cubase and Plugins zebra,dune,surge.
    My Idea was now to get back to one of Desktop2 oder Polar2 to discharge the system.
    It should be work, isn´t? Are where any known problems with this configuration?

  • (I guess you are controlling Reason with cuBase over rewire) If you intend to use it live on stage, I'd recommend using it as an external MIDI device (over MIDI cable or USB) and not through VC. While you might get it working perfectly, there is still a chance that VC might hiccup here and there which does not sound so cool on stage where you have only one chance to make a good impression. To make up for VC's total recall you can either preload the patches (and multis) to the unit's ROM/RAM and send patch/bank messages from the DAW, or save the patches as sysEx at first few bars of your project, so that they are retransmitted from your DAW.
    Hope this helps.