New owner, works great

  • I have been using electronic music instruments for over 10 years and as a new virus owner I am very pleased. Logic 8 running on the Mac works fine after following the tutorials. I am extremely pleased about this. Thank you to access for superior engineering and reliability and a very appealing product. This is a power tool not a toy!

    I initially had some questions and concerns when using able to live but for those with the possibility of using logic is possible to eliminate all the problems that I am reading on the forum from following the tutorial downloadable from the site. This involves setting things correctly that I had previously not known about so I do hope that others can resolve their problems like I was able to do. This is very rare for me not to have latency issues or bouncing issues or MIDI routing issues or features lacking or many other complaints that I have with native instruments or ableton etc. etc. Even my modeled analog synths from Roland do not sound anywhere close to this good quality. Once again everything is working fine and I am extremely excited about using this tool because of the many many possibilities and this gives me a lot to work with. Thank you so much.

  • Nice to hear some "positive" feedback for a change, most people only ever complain when their Virus doesnt work. And that is usually because it is not set up right and their PC/Mac is not configured correctly, or their system is screwed, usually nothing to do with the Virus. They seldom comment when it does work! 8) I never had issues with mine either... oh and welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your new power tool!