Virus B MIDI Received but No Sound issue - possibly fixed?

  • A couple years ago, I was using a Virus B, but it died on me in the middle of the project. It would receive and send MIDI, but there was no audio. I backed up all my patches, reset the system, tried different cables, MIDI sources, output channels, everything I could think of. Access support said that it was probably a hardware issue and gave me the address of where I could send it. However, the project I was doing was a film score, so I was on a pretty tight deadline and decided that it was time to upgrade to a TI. I did, and love it, but kept the B in case I had some extra cash to try and get it repaired.

    Fast forward a couple years, I need to buy some new gear for a different project (this Industrial/spoken word thing I've been playing with, sort of Skinny Puppy-ish, or at least, that's what I'm going for. Need a passable orchestral synth for live use, the TI will cover most other bases). I figure I'll sell the B for parts/repair on eBay, maybe get some cash together to get what I need. Dragged it out, same issues. Receiving MIDI, no audio. Switched everything, reset the system, no dice. I decide to try reloading the OS...I thought I would have tried this before, but it's been so long I can't remember for certain. No luck through my mixer, I try headphones. And I hear it. Plug it back into the mixer. It's working fine.

    I'm going to put it through the paces this evening, and make sure everything is still working, but could that have been the issue? Has anyone else encountered this before, or could there still be something wrong with the hardware? It's great that it's working before I sell it, but I'd like to be a little more confident in the solution, doubly so since I needed to unplug and replug the audio cables before it worked.